Those of you who know about these vintage gems know what I am about to say. These are the actual Gibson Law Suite Les Paul’s …Many claim to be these guitars, but the MPC’s but, the Electra MPC’s and the Ibenez Paul’s are the real thing. (See Links below for the Complete Story)

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The MPC and the Ibanez Les Paul’s were manufactured in the same factory, side by side, at the same time and were not only Hight Quality Copies as described, I think they were actually better than the standard original mid to late 70’s Gibson Les Paul Standard (as in the case of the MPC X-330) and the Les Paul Cust0m (X-310 and X0-320) they were copying.  Many well known Guitarists of the time played The MPCs and their reputation and status has grown over the years. I’ll Say it again.. THESE ARE EXCEPTIONAL GUITARS!!! 

In 1976 my father purchased me my first real Electric Guitar.. It was an  Electra MPC X-310 Black Beauty.  I still have one today as well as two others (I have an I also have an X-320 Apple Red and an X-310 Black Bueaty).  A major upgrade for this guitar is the replacement of the Super Magnaflux Bridge Pickup and Chrome covered P-90 pickup with a set of Gibson Burst-Bucker pickups.

This well built guitar sports a bound Mahogany with Flame-Maple top body with a bound Ebony Fretboard, Abalone Inlays, a Brass nut, 5 position rotary switch and 2 MPC effects modules. The MPC is unique in that it has replaceable effects modules (quite difficult to find and expensive in working condition). This Cherry X-330 has the great Tank Sound Module NOS (this is the only new old stock module I’ve ever seen.. the sound is like a static in-place wah effect (think Brian May)…and it has the original box too… the guitar also has the Power Overdrive Module.  These can be activated with two toggle switches on the font of the guitar and dialed in by the last two of the 4 control knobs.

Some of the best Lead Work I have ever done was done on one of my MPC’s.


Model: ‘76 Electra MPC Cherry Burst X-330

Vintage 1976

Cherry Burst Finish

Bound Mahogany Body with Flame-Maple Top

Bound Mahogany Neck / Medium  C Profile

Brass Nut

5 Position Rotary Switch

Push / Pull Coil Split for both pickups

Ebony Fretboard with Abalone Inlays

Upgraded set of Gibson Burst-Bucker Pickups

Rare Tank Sound and  Power Overdrive Modules

Stay Tuned… Next week I have a Fantastic Vintage Vault Strat to highlight….Thanks and C U then,


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