This is my latest post.. This sone concentrates on one of my Custom Guitars.. The SRF.  It’s a hard-tail version of my SRF line.  SRF stands for “Surf” … Don’t forget to check out the SRFs in  my Custom Guitars section of this site.. and all the supporting and construction and design images…

This guitar has extreme Vibe and Tone… ENJOY!


SRF Custom Caddy Green w/ Cream Accents

This is the Guitar that really started it all. I had a simple idea of “making a Guitar that had all the modern abilities and still had a vintage feel and styling.” I also wanted to try an Arched Top on a Strat or Tele like body… I have seen others attempt this, but not to this level.

I am Extremely Proud of these Guitars.. they are truly some of the Best Electric Guitars I have played in 3o+ years.

I was lucky enough to meet a man named Tom Scott. Tom is a man you built his own CNC machine! That allowed me to be able to machine a quality body with not too much difficulty. Well, it turns out, like most other things, to be a great deal easier to say than to do… The SRF Model took 3 0r 4 prototypes to finalize. One of the Prototypes led to the two VMP’s and two, with a little more machining, became the JZM Models. Tom, who doesn’t usually deal much with Custom Builds, preferring to concentrate on his own designs, never the less was very helpful in flushing out these Guitars for me and I am very thankful for this.

The SRF sports a unique Arched Top body with a radius edge back that eliminates the need for body contours. This leaves you with one Well-Balanced and Comfortable instrument! It also has a swooped “F” Hole that functions mainly to save weight. As an Architect, I have learned to use every difficulty and its solution as an opportunity to make design choices. This is a perfect example. The Neck is a Custom, Made to Order, Maple with Rosewood Fingerboard, 59 Round back Profile, with synthetic Bone Nut from Musikraft!!! Also Custom Headstock and Badging with Vintage Style Kluson Tuners with Cream Bottons.

The Pickups are a full matched 3x set of Boutique, Lindy Fralin, Hand-Wound, Blues Specials. Simply Put, these are Fantastic Pickups!!! And My Personal Favorite Pickups!.. This set is wound with 42 SPN and has 5% more turns than the Vintage Hot. This makes it a 5% stronger pickup. It will have 5% more mids and 5% less high end. It is ideal for a stock sound with just enough thickness for single note soloing.

It’s something like the best Stock Stratocaster pickups you have ever heard…ONLY BETTER!!!! SUPREB RESPONSE!!! SUPERB SOUND!!! I cannot say Enough about these Pickups!

This guitar is hand wired and sports a Custom Hard Tail (String through the Body) Bridge. The Controls are standard Volme, Tone, Tone with a 5 position Blade Switch. The Switch has a custom switch plate.

Y0u Simply cannot overlook the Custom Finish which was done by Ed Webster. Ed has out done himself on this one. I did a Mockup (See Extra Photos Link Below) and basically told him that I wanted it to be Cadillac Green with Cream Accents and this is what he did.. Exceptional!

Everything about this Guitar is built for Tone !!!

Thank You,


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