VMP Custom Blue Black Burst

Model: VMP Custom Blue Black Burst 2/2

Neck: Superb Musikraft Custom, Made to Order Medium C Neck, Dark Rosewood Fingerboard and Beak Headstock as well as a Synthetic Bone Nut

Finely Balanced CNC Body with Chambered Swooped “F” Hole and comfort Back Radius

Hand Wired Electronics

Full Set of Matching Seymore Duncan Antiquity 1 Pickups

Customized Fender Style Synchronized Tremolo

5 Position Blade Switch Rear Mount

All Chrome Hardware

Custom Pick Guard.. Custom Knobs and Modern Kluson Machine Heads

Upgraded Wilkenson Stratocaster Style Tremolo Bridge

Unique, Classic Tone Guitars Custom Finish Metallic Blue Black Fade with Matching Headstock and Custom Badging as well as Mock-Binding and Pearl Accents

Ernie Ball Black Nylon Strap with Schaller Strap Locks and a Hard Shell Case Included

WARNING!!! Extreme Vibe!!!!


*Amplifier In Photo Sold Separately*



I was in the middle of the SRF builds when a thought came to me… “I should make a Guitar that was specifically for todays Modern Players”… It would be specifically geared to handle the Blazing Guitar Licks and High Powered Output.   Not to forget styling that breaks with the traditional past.. I came up with the VMP!  With it’s totally Unique, Aggressive Styling, Electronics and a Monster Neck. The VMP is set up to handle anything and everything asked of it!!!  This New Styling and New Mind Set was actually liberating and allowed me to make bold design choices that I would be less likely to do within the SRF and JZM Model Formats… I retained the Swooped “F” Hole and chambered body to lessen the weight and extended the Lower Front Neck Scoop to allow more access to the upper range of the neck. The Neck is a Magnificent Musikraft Maple Neck with a Dark Rosewood Fingerboard and a Beak Headstock. The neck sports a Medium C Profile and it has a Synthetic Bone Nut.  I added a full set of excellent Seymore Duncan Antiquity 1 Stratocaster Single Coil Pickups.  Due to the fact that the they are wound with thinner wire rather than the traditional 42 awg wire that is normally used on vintage strat pickups, you will find the Antiquities deliver more Mids, as well as an excellent tight response in the Highs and Lows.  This guy really can Thump on the low end!!!

In this VMP… THE PICKUPS ARE SIMPLY PHENOMENAL!!! and the Poplar Body ABSOLUTELY makes a difference and really releases all of the inherent potential these pickups have.  THIS GUITAR IS A BEAST!!!!

The Bridge is an upgraded Wilkenson Stratocaster with Synchronized Tremolo model and the Machine Heads are a Fine Modern 6 in-line set from Kluson.. The Hardware is all Chrome and the Custom Pick Guard is White Pearloid.

Having access to a CNC machine was a great advantage as it allowed me to try out various sizes and shapes until I got the body Perfect!!! This Guitar is very well Balanced without all the weight.. The Back edge has a Radius for Comfort and sports a Fantastic Blue Black Metallic Finish..  This is a Custom Classic Tone Guitar Finish… It is essentially a Black Guitar, but if you change the angle or let the light Reflect off it correctly… a Blue to Black Color Burst Appears… This is difficult to photograph and I am not in any way a Photographer, but look at the attached photographs and I think you will get the idea…  To drive the point home I offset the Blue Black with a Mock Bound Body and Pearl Accents.  


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