Telemaster Lake Placid Blue Metallic Custom


Model: Telemaster Lake Placid Blue Metallic Custom

Alder Body

Fender MIM Telecaster Maple Neck with Rosewood Fingerboard and matching Headstock

Vintage / New Kluson Machine Heads

Fender / Bigsby Licensed Tremolo B5 Tremolo-bridge kit

Lindy Fralin Blues Special Tele in Bridge and Neck Positions 

Fender Hot Noiseless Strat Middle Position

5 Position Blade Switch

White Switch Tip and Vintage White Fender Amp Control Knobs

Black Nylon Strap w/ Schaller Style Strap Locks

Hard Shell Case Included


*Amplifier In Photo Sold Separately*



This is a Lake Placid Blue Metallic TELEMASTER.  I wanted to make a Telemaster that reeked of the mid 60’s… and this is what I came up with.  It sports a Fantastic Aged Metallic Lake Placid Blue finish with matching headstock and Pearloid Custom Pick Guard, white 5 position blade switch and white vintage style Fender Amplifier Volume and Tone Knobs.  The Neck is a Fender MIM Maple neck with rosewood fingerboard and vintage style Kluson Tuners.  I have said this before and will say it again… There is nothing at all wrong with Fender MIM Necks.. I have toured with them, Recorded with them and own a few to this day.  The Pickups are great!… we have a Lindy Fralin Blues Special in the bridge position, a very Hot Fender Noiseless Strat in the middle position and a Lindy Fralin Tele in the neck position….The Guitar also sports a Bigsby / Fender Licensed B5 Telecaster Tremolo and Bridge kit.  Now I will tell you why I stopped using the classic Schaller Style Strap Locks… I had just attached one of the locks and was going to do the second when I dropped it… and it fell, almost like in slow-motion right onto the gorgeous finish… see attached picture.. Well. You can see what happened!!! at the very least it didn’t go deeper than the outer coats of clear finish…but it still happened.. I was Flat Out Heart Broken… but my loss is your gain as I lowered the price accordingly… outside of the aforementioned ding just above the Bigsby, the guitar is perfect.  I invite you to look at the photos… for what it’s worth.. it Plays and Sounds FANTASTIC!

This is an exceptional Guitar with almost zero hours it…. It is completely a custom One Off! with fantastic Styling and Sound!  I almost don’t want to sell this one…. It Really Is Something Special!!!

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