JD Rodeo Custom

Model: JD RODEO Custom

Alder / Hand Carved Top / Chambered / Arched-Top / Semi-Hollow Body

LR Baggs X Bridge and Control X Piezo Bridge Pickup

Prototype Hand wound Lindy Fralin Mini Humbucker Pickups (Lindy Wound these himself for me)

Warmouth 59 Roundback Profile / Reverse Vortex Neck  / with Shark-Fin Pearloid Inlays

Hand Wired

Custom Vintage Finish

Black Nylon Strap with Planet waves Strap locks

Hard Shell Case Included


* Amplifier In Photo Sold Separately*





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My absolute Favorite Guitar, which was also one of the first real Electric Guitars I ever owned, is the Rickenbacker 330 Fireglow.  I am fully aware of its many limitations, but you only have to look at it to know what I am talking about!.. I find it Simply beautiful!!! (not to mention all the Great Guitarists that played them)… I actually toured with a ’65 / 330 for years and only stopped when I realized that I was damaging it with everyday usage (we were all young at one time!).  I eventually sold it and moved on to Strats, Teles, Paul’s etcbut, I always had a huge warm spot for this great guitar… if only it wasn’t such a difficult instrument.  Lets face it, the Pickups are awful, then there is the uncontrollable feed-back, the horrible electronics and the thin spindly neck.  Not to mention the bridge is also shockingly bad…. and what most people often leave out of their descriptions of 330’s is the absolute fragility of the instrument…. They are for the most part not up to modern day Touring and Recording standards.  Unless you are a Beatles, early Who or CCR cover band… the guitar is pretty-much useless, but it is just so beautiful!  You see my dilemma!  Well, I set out to build 330 inspired guitar that can withstand the challenges of modern Touring and Recording or every day use.. or at the very least one that tunes.  I started with reducing the overall size of the body…retained the semi-hollow nature of the original and used Alder as a solid and fun to work with wood. The overall shape was changed for ergonomic reasons as was the Hand-Carved Arched Top (replaced with a lozenge arched shape).  The Body was Custom hand made for me by Kevin at “One eye Jack Guitars” and the quality of the build says it all.  The body went through several different iterations beginning its life as a CNC prototype from Tom Scott until finally it was made by Kevin and perfected into what you see here.  The neck was custom made to order by Warmouth and sports Pearloid Shark-Fin Inlays and a 59 Round-Back profile.  For Pickups, I spoke w/ Lindy Fralin and asked what he would suggest for pickups for my proposed guitar… He suggested a variation on his vintage Firebird mini-humbuckers… he created prototype set for me.  They are Fantastic!!!.. They Ring like a BELL! and CRANK when you need them too.  I also added a L.R. Baggs Piezo Bridge and Pickup along with the Control X set-up.  This means that the pickup is controlled by an on off switch and on of the Tone knobs is a Blend… What a grouping of Greats … I can’t think of a better collaborative group!  I mean THIS THING ACTUALLY SOUNDS LIKE A CLASSIC RICKENBACKER..ONLY WITH ALL THE MODERN ABILITIES!!!

When you add it all up the Guitar is Extremely Versatile!  The Ric solves what I identified to be the original 330’s glaring deficits and still retain the same Sound and Vibe.  I was so happy with this guitar I am building a second one as I write this it will be a three pickup bound version.  This is not a copy of the Classic Rickenbacker 33o which I MUST ADMITT.. I REALLY DO LOVE.. But it was the main inspiration and the muse for my NEW JD RODEO!


It is a Great Recording Guitar with a Strong foot in Live Playing!!!

DISCLAIMER: This is not a Rickenbacker Product and there is no intent on my part to claim that it is!

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