Orange Drop Mustang / Tele / Strat Hybrid Custom

Model: Orange Drop Mustang / Tele / Strat Custom Hybrid 

Mustang 1 3/4 inch thick Alder Body Vintage 70’s Orange Finish

Fender USA Maple w/ Rosewood Finger Board / Medium C Profile

70’s Large Headstock Matching Orange

Authentic Mustang Badging

Stock Telecaster Hand Wired Electronics

Superb Lindy Fralin Blues Special Pickups

Custom Matching Paint Control Panel Cover

Custom Knobs

Modern Fender Locking Machine Heads with Pearled Bottons


 *Amplifier In Photo Sold Separately*




Don’t you love these old, early 70’s Vibe Mustangs?…. Well not exactly….What I did for this Beauty is I had my guys make me a full sized Fender Mustang body (1 3/4″) and then routed it for a Stratocaster neck and Telecaster electronics.  It has that 70’s Vibe, but don’t be fooled!!!  This thing is a modern MONSTER!  and a personal Favorite!  The neck is a Fender USA  / 70’s headstock, Maple with Rosewood Fingerboard, Medium C Beauty!!!  


I was a little surprised and quite impressed with this one.  The Guitar sports Chrome Modern Fender Telecaster hardware.  The Pickups are (My absolute Favorite) Lindy Fralin Blues Specials / Telecaster.  The control panel has been painted to match the body as is the Headstock, with authentic Mustang Badging.  The Tuners are Modern Fender String Locking Machine Heads with Custom Pearloid Bottons.

Make no mistake … THIS GUY HOWLS!!! it is one of the coolest guitars I have built!!!. it does everything that a Telecaster can do, with the added bonus of the superb Fralin Pups and a Fantastic Neck… you know the Simplest of things are sometimes the Best!! and this guitar is certainly as described, FANTASTIC!!!Truly Exceptional!!!! 

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