Bluebird Custom

Model: Bluebird Custom

Custom Phthalo Finish with faux Anodized Gold Pick Guard

Mahogany Body

Warmouth Made to Order Custom Mahogany Neck / 10″ Radius / 59 Roundback

Bigsby Tremolo

Tune-O-Matic Adjustable Bridge

Jimmy Page 6 Position Toggle Switch

3 x Seymore Duncan Antiquity Mini Humbuckers (Matched Set)

Black Nylon Strap w/ Planet Waves Strap Locks

Hard Shell Case Included


*Amplifier In Photo Sold Separately*






Paul McCartney was given a prototype Non-Reverse Firebird in the late 60’s.  The guitar was a unique lefty, but it also it had a number of features not present on any other contemporary model... This was the guitar he used through0ut the “McCartney” and “Ram” Lps.  The solo on “Maybe I’m Amazed” is this Firbird.   Brian Jones also had one of these and played it on Beggars Banquet… the sound is undeniable and completely identifiable.  What an Exceptional Sound!  I always liked those ’71 McCartney promo photos. coveted the instrument.  Since I couldn’t find one to purchase… I decided to build one!  The first thing you will notice on this beauty is the Stunning Phthalo Blue Finish.  This is a very rare color indeed! (I never knew the color because all the Photos of this guitar are black and white).. and you simply cannot tell from the source images.  In the last few years it was finally accurately reported that this guitars’ color is in-fact Phthalo Blue.   It is a fairly Dark Blue.  Once I knew that…the build was On!

The Body and Neck are Mahogany.  The neck is Custom Made to Order by Warmouth with a 10″ Radius and 59 Round-back Profile. The Pickups are a full matching set of 3 Seymore Duncan Antiquity Mini-Humbuckers.  This Guitar also sports a Jimmy Page 6 position toggle switch.  It also has a Bigsby Tremolo.  It has a 4 bolt neck instead of an original set-neck.  The original Firebirds always had neck issues.  I have had a vintage Bird where the neck (at the headstock) snapped while sitting in it’s case..  I Solved this problem by using a much stronger and a superior (in this case) Bolt on Neck and what a Neck it is!!!  Other than the bolt on Neck and this being a Right Handed Non-Reverse version, it is a faithful reproduction of Paul McCartneys’ Iconic Bird right down to the prototype Bird logo on the faux anodized gold pick guard.   I love these Non Reverse Firebirds and I realize they are not for everybody but this Bird is special…it lacks many of the negative issues of the originals and it’s Style matches it’s Playability and Sound! 

This guitar not only looks like the original that inspired it… It is a Blues Monster!!! It really is a Special Guitar!!!  Check out the pix and join me in the admiration I have for this wonderful Unique Guitar!!!

DISCLAIMER: This is not a Gibson Product and there is no intent on my part to claim that it is!

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