Mesa Boogie Subway Blues / Mesa 1×12 and EV 1×15


Model: Mesa Boogie Subway Blues Near Mint / Mesa 1×12 and EV 1×15 Mint

Dyna-Watt Power
Direct Recording output jack with cab-sim filter
Speaker Mute
Parallel FX Loop
Headphone Out jack
20 Watts
2 EL84’s
4 12AX7’s
2 Channels, 3 Footswitching Sounds
Contour Switch

Mesa Boggie 1 x 12

90 Watt
C90 Speaker
8 Ohm
Finish & Construction:

Marine Grade Baltic Birch Cabinet
Black Taurus Vinyl Covering
BlackTwisted Jute Grille
Slip Cover

1 x 15 Loaded Cab

EV 115

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It comes with two inputs: bright and fat. I only use the bright input, but using the two together gives you the “half power jack”: overdrive at half volume. Too bad they made it a one input with a switch on the later models. It breaks up nicely on higher volumes. Perfect for a club gigs. The Subway is very simple to use, yet is quite versatile. The amp has five controls (volume, bass, middle, treble, and reverb) with a fat/bright switch that comes in handy when switching guitars. It also has an effects loop w/ an adjustable level, mute switch while plugging the amp directly into a mixing console or whatever. There is no master volume. You can get all the distortion you would ever need for blues and rock  When you crank it up, it provides good overdriven power tube distortion w/ lots of sustain and pleasant harmonic feedback. Has a fantastic clean to bluesy vibe that makes me play at my best. It is very loud and have never had it up past 1/2.  Simple to operate and get a great tone from. I use a modified TS-5 on the front end that sounds great with it. Turn up about 1/2 way, control everything from your guitar volume knob. Personally, I like a little of an AC-30, or an old Twin Reverb or Deluxe and can tweek this beast into exactly that or go Classic Blues with the fat switch or the classic Mesa Boogie Sound.  

This amp is a TON OF FUN!

Included a Mesa Boogie  Loaded 1 x 12 and a 1 x 15 EV for that extra Bottom end.  Awesome Sound!!!

Shipping not included on this amplifier amid must be calculated separately.