Marshall JTM 45 Clone (Half Stack)

Model: Marshall JTM 45 Clone Hand Wired 4 x 12

Two Channels / 4 Inputs (High / Low for each channel)

Power: 45 watts

2 x KT66, 3 x 12AX7, 1 x GZ34

Master Volume added (Not shown on attached skematic)

Head Cover included


Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 2.25.32 PM

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MARSHALL JTM 45 Hand Wired (HALF STACK) 4 x 12 

Custom, hand-built, 100% point to point hand wired from the chassis up, using high quality components and an attention t0 detail and build quality second to none.  All Ceriatone Guitar Amplifiers are 100% custom built.  The Ceriatone Custom, hand built Signature Series British Style JTM45 is a tribute to that great Marshall boutique guitaramplifier. If you desire an amp with great touch, sensitivity, sweet even-order harmonics and outstanding dynamic range this amp is for you.The JTM is basically a Bassman on Super Steriods, with some modifications over the years.  In the mid ’90s Nik at Ceriatone built this baby himself for me.  I had him put in a Master Volume in one of the inputs.  This is a BEAST and it is a surprisingly versatile amp.  About the Classic Marshall JTM 45 Tones that we all know and love… Yeah.. they are all there!  You can not helpbut sound like all of those 70’s Greats!  It does it with out even trying…. it just happens.!!!  The amp is housed in a Classic Marshall (Mojo) JTM 45 Head Cab and I had a period specific 4 x 12 Half-Stack made for it by Mojo.  This amp has never left the studio… It is in perfect condition.

The whole thing is simply FANTASTIC!!! (See included photos)


Shipping is not included with this amp and must be calculated separately .