Marshall 18 Watt 2×10 (Clone)

Model: Marshall 18 Watt 2×10 Hand Wired

Two Channels / 3 Inputs (High / Low per channel)

Power: 18 watts

Master Volume (added in one of the inputs)

Vox Stand Included

Custom White w/Red Stripping Amplifier Cover Included

Shipping is not included with this amp and must be calculated separately .



MARSHALL 18 WATT 2×10 Hand Wired

Custom, hand-built, 100% point to point hand wired from the chassis up, using high quality components and an attention to detail and build quality second to none. All CeriatoneGuitar Amplifiers are 100% custom built. The Ceriatone Custom, hand built Signature Series British Style Marshall 18 Watt is a tribute to that great Marshall boutique guitar amplifier. If you desire an amp with great touch, sensitivity, sweet even-order harmonics and outstanding dynamic range this amp is for you.  The two 10 inch Jensens seem to be counter-intuitive speaker choice at first glance, but how this Amp voices the tone you end up with a very distinct and powerful low end.  Think a Fender Deluxe with Gobs more Tone and  Grit!  It can Thump with the best of them as well as voicing the warmest tones possible.  Vox Amp Stand and custom White w/ Red Stripping cover included.  This amp has never left the studio and is in perfect condition!

The whole thing is simply FANTASTIC!!! (See included photos)

Shipping is not included with this amp and must be calculated separately.