Desert Sand Custom (Mid 60’s Vintage Vault)

Model: Desert Sand Custom (Mid 60’s Vintage Vault)

Alder Fender Licensed Body

Musikraft Maple with Rosewood Fingerboard

Superb Desert Sand Vintage Vault Lacquer Finish

Thick C Profile, Bound with Pearloid Block Inlays and a Bone Nut

Matching set of Lindy Fralin Jazzmaster Pickups (6K to 10K reversed wound for hum-canceling and fully potted)

Jimmy Page 6 Position Toggle Switch

Custom Fender Synchronized Tremolo

Vintage Style Mock Anodized Gold Pickguard

Vintage Style White 65 Jazzmaster Control Knobs

Light Beige Woven Cloth Strap with Schaller Style Strap Locks

Hard Shell Case Included


*Amplifier In Photo Sold Separately*


DESERT SAND CUSTOM (Mid 60’s Vintage Vault)

This is a Special Guitar and one of my Favorites.  It is essentially a Jazzmaster, but with some crucial differences.  This is a One Off Custom Creation in both it’s appearance and tone.  I have addressed some of the more glaring deficits of the original Jazzmaster.  First, this has a Spectacular Vintage Desert Sand Vintage Vault Lacquer Finish with a Super, Over the Top Custom, Hand Made to Order, Musikraft Bound with Pearloid block inlays Jazzmaster Neck!  This is a Superb Thick C Profile with Black Graphite Nut Neck….it is just about the Best Neck of this sort that you can get!  Also there is a matching set of Lindy Fralin Jazzmaster Pickups.  This MASSIVE UPGRADE of 6K to 10K Pickups are reversed wound for hum-canceling and fully potted!  The Upgrades continue with the addition of a Jimmy Page 6 position Toggle switch and a Stratocaster Syncronized Tremolo.  That’s Right I had this build outfitted with a Classic Stratocaster Synchronized Tremolo, the Strat Tremolo is a huge upgrade from the stock Vibrato which is for the most part unusable…. You can throw it in same box as all of those Mustang Tremolos.,,, USELESS!!!  The Fender Jazzmaster was designed to be the successor of the then flailing Stratocaster. This was it’s original intention, of coarse this was before the introduction of the Guitar Gods of the 60s’ which catapulted the Stratocaster to the icon that it now is.  But originally  it was slotted to be the Strat replacement…. I ran with this theme and I designed a Jazzmaster that could take the reigns and run with it.  As I said before the Neck is Fantastic!!!  The Fralin Pickups are ..well they are Lindy Fralins, and it doesn’t get any better than that…The Closet Classic Finish and Matching Plactic Armor and hardware is Superb!

This is a Winner in anyones Book! I LOVE IT!!!

DISCLAIMER: This is not a Fender Product and there is no intent on my part to claim that it is!

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