Gibson Les Paul Studio Gold Top


Model: Gibson Les Paul Gold Top

2 x P-90s

Upgraded Grover Machine Heads

Schecter Strap Locks / Black Strap

Hard Shell Case


*Amplifier and Other Guitar In Photo Sold Separately*




Modern Gibson Les Paul Studio Gold Top guitar.  Exceptional Classic Les Paul with two P-90s.  Upgraded Grover Tuners and Gibson Hard Shell Case.  No Issues…

This is my 2rd Gibson Gold Top and my 3rd Les Paul.  I had a ’72 and a ’76 with 2 humbuckers and Bigsby and I toured with the 72 for a bit.  I will say right here and now… This Studio Gold Top is virtually the same guitar as my old ’72.  There really isn’t a difference outside of the binding!  In fact this Studio Plays and Sounds better than my ’72 and I think its better built too… I really do not have a high regard for the 70’s Pauls…  I know all you Gibson people are going to Scream…But,  I think they (Gibson) undeservedly sold millions of Les Pauls purely on the reputation of their superior earlier product.

I think these New Gibson Les Pauls represent sort of a REBIRTH OF WHAT MADE THE GIBSON LES PAUL THE ICONIC GUITAR  IT WAS IN THE LATE 50’s & 60’s.  I had heard from some of my older Gibson friends that this was the case so I thought I would check it out for myself… I purchased one and found the Buzz to be quite Accurate!  This is a Great Les Paul for a fraction of the price.