Fostex VF 160 ex


Model: Fostex VF 160 ex / Used

Uncompressed Recording to Hard Drive
16 + 8 additional ghost tracks. Up to 16 track simultanous recording*
Programs (Songs)
99 user programmable
Non Linear Audio Editing
7 Mark Point on the fly, 7 Edit Memory & 99 Event Memory
Digital Mixer
16 input faders (8 analog/track input + 8 track input). Master fader (stereo buss)
Mic/Line Inputs
Trim on all analog inputs with peak LED. Balanced XLR with phantom power and insert points on inputs G & H
Built-in Assignable Compressor
Assignable (ch13+14 or ch15+16 with EQ off) and master compressors
2 Built-in A.S.P. Digital Effects
38 types of preset channel effects
3-band EQ on all 16 channels (HI parametric, shelving, LPF, MID parametric, LO shelving). Separate 3-band Master EQ
PC Audio Mixing
Interface to any ADAT compatible system
CD Mastering
Master to CD-R/RW




FOSTEX VF160 EX / Used

Serious quality, all-in-one digital recording workstation
The VF160 EX continues the Fostex tradition of offering high-value self-contained recording solutions which simply offer musicians everything they need. A powerhouse whcih offers a larger mixer with 3-band EQ, up to 16-track simultaneous recording tracks and powerful ADAT/PC audio mixing.

This powerhouse Offers full 16-track random-access digital audio recording to hard disc, digital mixing, audio editing, effects processing and CD mastering with 16-bit audio resolution in a compact table-top workstation. Main features include 16-track playback; 16-track simultaneous recording;* 16-channel digital mixer with a 100 mix scene memory; pristine quality mic pre-amps; 3 band EQ, assignable channel compressor (ch 13+14 or 15+16 with EQ off); master compressor; 8 ‘Ghost’ tracks; graphical non-linear audio editing; CD mastering; and a whole arsenal of multi-effects including awesome reverb, chorus, flange, hall etc. Hook up a VF160 EX to an ADAT compatible, computer-based audio/MIDI set-up and use it as a full function mixer with its mic amps available for inputs.