Flame-Caster Custom

Model: Flame-Caster Custom 1/1

Custom Polyurethane One-Off Finish / hand Pin-stripping / Matching Headstock

Fender (MIJ) Maple / Rosewood Fingerboard Telecaster Neck

Medium C Profile

High-end Upgraded Boutique Pickups (Lindy Fralin)

Classic Chrome  Kluson Machine Heads and Hardware

Custom Red Tipped Control Knobs

Shecter Style Strap Locks with Matching Maroon Nylon Strap

Hard Shell Case



*Amplifier In Photo Sold Separately*




This is Part of my Hillbilly Collection.. These are Very Kool /Bad Ass Guitars and Basses.  No offense to those of you who are actual Hillbillies…Hell!,  I’ve got some “Billy” in me too.  In this case it’s a Compliment!  Anyway… This was the 1st one I did of the set.  Very Kool, Very Playable, Tons of Tone, and sounds Killer!!!”  The Finish was done by Ed Webster of  WebsterDesigns He is a great guy and a “True Renaissance Man” I often wonder “what can’t he do?”  Needless to say, he has bailed me out of many a sticky situation.  If you check out his site you will see that amongst many other  things he’s mainly a Motorcycle artist, and is extremely Talented and helpful in way too many ways.  Meticulous to a fault!  I can not thank him enough!  Back to this Great Telecaster…  It sports a Fender Made In Japan (MIJ) Maple Med C / Rosewood Fretboard Telecaster Neck… Classic Chrome Kluson tuners and Hardware, with Custom, Red Tipped Control Knobs and High-End Boutique Telecaster Standard Pickups. Not sure which model they are exactly, but they are Lindy Fralins. OH-YEAH, did I already mention the STUNNING CUSTOM FINISH?…. I originally sketched these Flames on the original mockup and Ed Improved them.. We then designed a High Gloss Black to Red Sparkle Gradation with Hand painted Yellow Pin Stripping all on a Satin Natural Finish.  The Headstock was treated with a similar light gradation fade.  You have to see this!!!

This is a ONE-OFF Custom Telecaster.   It SINGS, it HOWLS and GROWLS and if you  Treat Her Just Right, She’s as SLINKY AS ICE!!!  … What  a Wonderful Guitar and one of my Personal favorites!

Thanks Ed!

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