Fender Jazz Bass


Model: Fender Jazz Bass

90’s MIM Jazz Bass

Outfitted as a Standard Jazz Bass

Shecter Style Strap Locks / Ernie Ball Black Strap

Hard Shell Case included


*Amplifier In Photo Sold Separately*


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As I mentioned in the Jaguar Bass description, I played a Jazz Bass often in recording situations.  This is my back-up Jazz Bass.  It was often my Go-to Bass on sessions as well as gigs and rehearsals.  This is a 90’s Fender MIM Jazz Bass.  One owner, me .. and it has been outfitted as a US Standard Jazz Bass.  I have never had any problems with Mexican Fenders… especially the earlier ones.. I toured almost exclusively with Mexican Fenders.   Good Solid Bass!! No Issues!!  It is used, but I think that adds that little bit of cred to the instrument.  

In many ways it’s like an old friend.  IT SOUNDS GREAT!!  IT PLAYS GREAT! and IT FEELS GREAT!!