Fender “The Gold-Spangled Telecaster”

Model: Fender “The Gold-Spangled Telecaster”

Gold Flake Nashville Telecaster Body

One Piece Fender (CIJ) Telecaster Neck Med C

Single Ply Vintage Style White Pickguard

Gotoh Modern Machine Heads w/ White Pearled Bottons

Schecter Style Strap Locks and Black Ernie Ball Strap

Hard Shell Case Included


*Amplifier In Photo Sold Separately*




This Great Telecaster bares it’s wounds well.  This is also part of my Hillbilly Collection.  The Guitar was well toured by a Nashville Group and has a few war wounds that were honestly earned, when I got the chance to purchase it.  I replaced the worn neck with a Crafted in Japan ’62 reissue Telecaster neck.  I have a connection in Japan and it was chosen by me and shipped over from Japan.  I am a great Fan of the Japanese Fenders…they are often much better than their US counterparts and they specialize in 62 reissue necks.  The Japanese tend to keep the Crafted in Japan (CIJ) Guitars for their domestic consumption… basically they keep the best for themselves and export the rest.  Other that the Pearloid Buttons on the modern Gotoh Machine Heads, this Telecaster is pretty straight forward with a Single Ply White Vintage Style Pick Guard, Stock Fender PickUps and Chrome Hardware.… OH Yeah! … You Simply Cannot help but notice…

the FANTASTIC Patina’d Heavy Gold Sparkle Finish…and  just the exact amount of authentic aged vibe on this baby and

I swear IT SINGS!