Fender Bronco / 1×12 Ext. Cab.

Model: Fender Bronco / 1×12 Ext. Cab / Used

NEAR MINT minimal use.

Greater than 1 Meg Ohm 100 mV

15 Watts R.M.S. / 8 Ohms

120V VERSION: 120 VAC 60 Hz., .28A Max. 230V VERSION: 230 VAC 50 Hz., .14A Max.

One 8 Ohm Special Design 8” Speaker (P/N 025421)

Height: 12” Width: 13-1/2” Depth: 7-1/2”

14 lbs. Unbelievable!!

(30.5 cm) (34.3 cm) (19.1cm)


External 1 x 12 Loaded Cab





The Fender BRONCO amplifier is a unique combination of radical new distortion sounds and time tested Classic Fender sounds, packaged together in a solid-state configuration which is both easy to use and inherently reliable.  The BRONCO amplifier features the standard complement of VOLUME, TREBLE, MIDDLE, and BASS controls with separate GAIN and VOLUME controls for the DRIVE channel.  The almost unlimited combination of the gain and tone controls will vary your sound from smooth and bluesy to driving rock or all the way to “12” for the gnarliest shred imaginable (Yes, the knobs go to “12”!).  The external speaker jack automatically mutes the internal speaker while driving any external 8 ohm enclosure.  Try plugging into a 4-12 cabinet and watch the BRONCO take on an entirely new attitude!  The HEADPHONE jack automatically mutes the speaker while driving stereo or mono headphones or may be used as a low level line out for direct connection to recording equipment.  Last but definitely not least, the BRONCO packs a new power amp based on a radically underdamped design that interacts with the speaker in much the same way as a tube amplifier does, producing sparkle and punch with an increase in apparent loudness and power that defies comparison to other similarly rated units.  Also included is a sophisticated, transparent protection scheme designed to prevent amplifier failure due to bad speaker cords or incorrectly connected speaker jacks.  The BRONCO’s compact size, great tone, versatile features, and all around handsome appearance make it the perfect amplifier for practice, backstage warm-up, and home recording.  The selection of a Fender amplifier will reward you with years of quality performance and a wide range of musical sounds.  The built in quality of a Fender amplifier is the result of over four decades of dedication in the combined skills of research and development by our engineers and musicians.  That is why we proudly say…FENDER, The Sound That Creates Legends.