Asian Rickenbacker Bass


Model: Asian Rickenbacker Bass

Red Rose Speedway Sticker (look it up)

Shecter Style Strap Locks / Ernie Ball Black Strap


*Amplifier In Photo Sold Separately*

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A few years ago I went on a Chinese Website and found these Rickenbacker-ish Bases…. they were affordable enough for me to both be interested and to take a shot at purchasing one.  After guessing my way through the Chinese site’s checkout… I purchased this and 3 weeks later it arrived at my front door.   I have to hand it the Asian manufacturers they build a solid bass that looks very much like the real thing… it tunes and remains in-tune, the neck is straight and it sounds….humm…lets just say that it does not sound anything like a Rickenbacker!  No “Rick-o-Sound” on this girl, in fact, no Stereo out-put possible as it has no double out put nor does it have dual Truss Rods.. having said that it does have a set of  pickups that sound and have an out put very much like a Fender MIM Standard Precision Bass.

So after all is said and done, This Bass is much better than I expected.  It is perfect as a starter Bass and not to forget, it looks Kool!  Add the comfortable price and a hard shell Case and  this Bass is Pretty hard to pass up… What more can I say?

 I’ll Throw in a hard shell case for another $50.00