Fender jazz-Jag-Tele

Today I have a real treat for you all… these are some more Fenders… or are they? You could say these are all kind of like

out-takes… and really Phenominal Out-Takes at that!!!

Here you find three Telemasters (last weeks Beast is included), also a Jazz Master with a Stratocaster Tremolo, and a

one -off Mustang-Strat-Tele Hybrid…and a Super Beefed Up Competition Mustang.. all feature Top-Notch Bodies, necks,

hardware and Pups (mostly, if not all Various Fralins) and Fantatstic Finishes.

Intrigued?… well you will find all of these, including many many more in my On-Line Store….. So come on in and check em out…

Thanks again… C U There..


Mustang Tele Strat 9Lake Placid Blue Telemaster 10Hillbilly Telemaster 9Green Sparkle Telemaster 9Jazz Master - Strat 8     Competition Mustang 10

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