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This is a Custom Telemaster with a Spectacular Green Flake finish.  The flake is oversized and very impressive and not easily accomplished.  This one-off Telemaster sports a Bugsby B5 Tremolo and adjustable

bridge Kit and a Lindy Fralin 

Blues Special in the bridge position, a vintage hot in the middle and a Duncan P-90 in the Neck position.  


It has a Stratocaster 5 position blade switch, custom control knobs and pick guard.  The Neck is a Fender Made in the U.S.A. Telecaster Maple Neck with matching headstock and Modern Locking Tuners.  

I’ll say it again… WHAT A MONSTER! This guitar is Perfect!   


One-Off  Large Green Sparkle Finish

Alder Body

Fender Made in U.S.A. Telecaster Maple Neck with matching Headstock and Custom Badging

Modern String Lock Machine Heads

Bigsby Tremolo B5 Adjustable Bridge

Lindy Fralin Blues Special Tele in Bridge Position

Lindy Fralin Vintage Hot in the Middle Position

Seymore Duncan P-90 in Neck Position

5 Position Blade Switch

Green Sparkle Telemaster 1 Green Sparkle Telemaster 4Green Sparkle Telemaster 9 Green Sparkle Telemaster 8 Green Sparkle Telemaster 7 Green Sparkle Telemaster 6 Green Sparkle Telemaster 5  Green Sparkle Telemaster 3 Green Sparkle Telemaster 2




This is the Newest of my Vintage Vault Strats… it is fashioned after an early 60’s model that began as a Sonic Blue finished guitar that has yellowed through the ages and now sports what I like to call a Sonic Green finish. I wanted the guitar to have a finish that was not too worn and still held a bit of it’s original shine. The hardware is also appropriately aged and is age specific.

This is the pinnacle of my Custom Strats. These are some of the Best Stratocasters I have had the pleasure to play. The Neck is an absolutely Fantastic Musikraft Maple Medium C, Custom Made to Order Neck! This neck also represents a custom order with Matching Colored Headstock. I use these Musikraft necks exclusively on these Vintage Vault Models. They are the closest thing to an early Vintage Fender Neck you can get… The Body is also an Alder Fender Licensed product. The Finish was done by the Great Scotty Huffman.  I cannot say enough about Scotty!!!


I have attempted to include a few photos of this, but I am not a professional photographer and in the end, you have to see it in person to really get what I am talking about… But it is truely amazing!!! The checking and the aged plastic and pickguard really puts this guitar over the top! To Continue, as if it’s not already enough, this Fantastic Instrument sports a full set of Matching Lindy Fralin Hand Wound Vintage Strat pickups. It’s all here, from the aged pearloid Pick Guard and Matching Plastics to the Vintage Fender Stamped Saddles, the Period Specific Serial Number on the Neck Plate and the perfect Vintage Style Cream Bottons Kluson Tuners this is as close to an earl 60’s Strat I can make. I’ve included an appropriate vintage style Planet Waves Strap….

Just Look at this Baby!!!… It’s a True CLASSIC!!!!… This GUITAR IS MAGNIFICIENT!!!

Body Material: Fender Licensed / Alder

Finish: Fantastic Vintage Vault Lacquer

Neck: Musikraft Custom Made to Order Maple, Thick Medium C Profile / Matching Headstock

Nut Material: Synthetic Bone

Pickups: Matching Set of 3x Lindy Fralin Vintage Strat Pickups

Pickup Switching: 5-Position Blade: Position 1. Bridge Pickup, Position 2. Bridge and Middle Pickup, Position 3. Middle Pickup, Position 4. Middle and Neck Pickup, Position 5. Neck Pickup

Pickup Configuration: S/S/S

Controls: Master Volume, Tone 1. (Neck Pickup), Tone 2. (Middle Pickup)

Hardware Finish: Chrome

Bridge: 6-Saddle Vintage Stamped / Vintage-Style Synchronized Tremolo

Tremolo Arm: Vintage-Style Tremolo Arm

Tuning Machines: Vintage style Cream Botton Kluson

Pickguard: Vintage Style 11 hole 3 Ply Aged PearloidWatch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Control Knobs: Vintage Style

Neck Plate: 4-Bolt Vintage-Style with Period Specific Serial Number

Yellowed Sonic Blue Strat2015-04-26 16.40.1de6528 976     1611151412  13



Those of you who know about these vintage gems know what I am about to say. These are the actual Gibson Law Suite Les Paul’s …Many claim to be these guitars, but the MPC’s but, the Electra MPC’s and the Ibenez Paul’s are the real thing. (See Links below for the Complete Story)

Article A

Article B

The MPC and the Ibanez Les Paul’s were manufactured in the same factory, side by side, at the same time and were not only Hight Quality Copies as described, I think they were actually better than the standard original mid to late 70’s Gibson Les Paul Standard (as in the case of the MPC X-330) and the Les Paul Cust0m (X-310 and X0-320) they were copying.  Many well known Guitarists of the time played The MPCs and their reputation and status has grown over the years. I’ll Say it again.. THESE ARE EXCEPTIONAL GUITARS!!! 

In 1976 my father purchased me my first real Electric Guitar.. It was an  Electra MPC X-310 Black Beauty.  I still have one today as well as two others (I have an I also have an X-320 Apple Red and an X-310 Black Bueaty).  A major upgrade for this guitar is the replacement of the Super Magnaflux Bridge Pickup and Chrome covered P-90 pickup with a set of Gibson Burst-Bucker pickups.

This well built guitar sports a bound Mahogany with Flame-Maple top body with a bound Ebony Fretboard, Abalone Inlays, a Brass nut, 5 position rotary switch and 2 MPC effects modules. The MPC is unique in that it has replaceable effects modules (quite difficult to find and expensive in working condition). This Cherry X-330 has the great Tank Sound Module NOS (this is the only new old stock module I’ve ever seen.. the sound is like a static in-place wah effect (think Brian May)…and it has the original box too… the guitar also has the Power Overdrive Module.  These can be activated with two toggle switches on the font of the guitar and dialed in by the last two of the 4 control knobs.

Some of the best Lead Work I have ever done was done on one of my MPC’s.


Model: ‘76 Electra MPC Cherry Burst X-330

Vintage 1976

Cherry Burst Finish

Bound Mahogany Body with Flame-Maple Top

Bound Mahogany Neck / Medium  C Profile

Brass Nut

5 Position Rotary Switch

Push / Pull Coil Split for both pickups

Ebony Fretboard with Abalone Inlays

Upgraded set of Gibson Burst-Bucker Pickups

Rare Tank Sound and  Power Overdrive Modules

Stay Tuned… Next week I have a Fantastic Vintage Vault Strat to highlight….Thanks and C U then,


1 49 10 5 678 111314      


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Is it even Possible to have…

Hi All…

I want to invite you all to visit a new Category on my Website.   It is simply called Green Guitars!  The color Green is not only my favorite color…. I think that it is

grossly under represented as far as guitar finishes are concerned.  Go into “My Custom Shop” on the main menu.. then click on the “Green Guitars” tab in the

sub-menu or click on the image below.

So Take a Look and Enjoy the Great Finishes, Great Guitars and  Tons of  Tone and Vibe!!!



Custom-Shop-Slider-E1Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)



Don’t you love these old, early 70’s Vibe Mustangs?…. Well not exactly….What I did for this Beauty is I had my guys make me a full sized Fender Mustang body (1 3/4″) and then routed it for a Stratocaster neck and Telecaster electronics.  It has that 70’s Vibe, but don’t be fooled!!!  This thing is a modern MONSTER!  and a personal Favorite!  The neck is a Fender USA  / 70’s headstock, Maple with Rosewood Fingerboard, Medium C Beauty!!!  


I was a little surprised and quite impressed with this one.  The Guitar sports Chrome Modern Fender Telecaster hardware.  The Pickups are (My absolute Favorite) Lindy Fralin Blues Specials / Telecaster.  The control panel has been painted to match the body as is the Headstock, with authentic Mustang Badging.  The Tuners are Modern Fender String Locking Machine Heads with Custom Pearloid Bottons.

Make no mistake … THIS GUY HOWLS!!! it is one of the coolest guitars I have built!!!. it does everything that a Telecaster can do, with the added bonus of the superb Fralin Pups and a Fantastic Neck… you know the Simplest of things are sometimes the Best!! and this guitar is certainly as described, FANTASTIC!!!Truly Exceptional!!!! 

ORANGE DROP MOCKUPMustang Tele Strat 1  Mustang Tele Strat 4Mustang Tele Strat 5 Mustang Tele Strat 7Mustang Tele Strat 8 Mustang Tele Strat 6    Mustang Tele Strat 2Mustang Tele Strat 3Mustang Tele Strat 9

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Fender Surf Green Retro Custom CIJ


This Beauty began it’s life as a Jeff Beck Stratocaster. I added a CIJ (62 Reissue) Fender Maple neck and had the headstock painted to match the Surf Green Jeff Beck Body. Maybe I should explain something about Fender CIJ (Crafted in Japan) Products. The Japanese keep their CIJ Product for their own domestic consumption, the rest get exported… essentially they keep the best stuff for themselves… and I have to agree.. these necks are probably consistently some of the best necks Fender has produced in many a year! I had a connection in Japan who acquired these great necks for me directly from the factory.. I get to choose the best of the best. And this is certainly the case with this Guitar. The pickups are stock.

Where this Guitar really shines is in its Styling and it certainly is Beautiful on this one… It has a real Retro Feel. It’s like an old Duesinberg from the 30’s. From the Custom Pick Guard to the Chrome Control knobs with Green Abalone tops and the Chromed Pickup Covers and 5 Position Switch Tip, Vintage Kluson Tuners and ChromeBridge Cover and Matching Headstock. To Top it off, I’ve included a matching Airline Surf Green with White Stripe Leather Strap.


Body Material: Alder

Jeff Beck Surf Green Gloss Urethane

Neck: Fender ’62 Reissue CIJ Maple, Medium C Profile

Nut Material: Synthetic Bone

Pickups: Stock Stratocaster

Pickup Switching: 5-Position Blade: Position 1. Bridge Pickup, Position 2. Bridge and Middle Pickup, Position 3. Middle Pickup, Position 4. Middle and Neck Pickup, Position 5. Neck Pickup

Pickup Configuration: S/S/S

Controls: Master Volume, Tone 1. (Neck Pickup), Tone 2. (Middle Pickup)

Hardware Finish: Chrome

Bridge: 6-Saddle Vintage-Style Synchronized Tremolo

Tremolo Arm: Vintage-Style Tremolo Arm

Tuning Machines: Vintage style KlusonWatch Cyberbully (2015) Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Pickguard: CustomSwitch tip: Chromed Plastic

Control Knobs: Chromed Plastic

Neck Plate: 4-Bolt Vintage-Style

Surf Green Leather w/ White Stripe Airline Strap with Schaller Strap Locks

Hard Shell Case


Surf Green 1Surf Green 4Surf Green 10Surf Green 7 Surf Green 8   Surf Green 6Surf Green 5 Surf Green 3 Surf Green 2  Surf Green 11


VMP Custom


I was in the middle of the SRF builds when a thought came to me… “I should make a Guitar that was specifically for todays Modern Players”… It would be specifically geared to handle the Blazing Guitar Licks and High Powered Output. Not to forget styling that breaks with the traditional past.. I came up with the VMP! With it’s totally Unique, Aggressive Styling, Electronics and a Monster Neck. The VMP is set up to handle anything and everything asked of it!!! This New Styling and New Mind Set was actually liberating and allowed me to make bold design choices that I would be less likely to do within the SRF and JZM Model Formats… I retained the Swooped “F” Hole and chambered body to lessen the weight and extended the Lower Front Neck Scoop to allow more access to the upper range of the neck. The Neck is a Magnificent Musikraft Maple Neck with a Dark Rosewood Fingerboard and a Beak Headstock. The neck sports a Medium C Profile and it has a Synthetic Bone Nut.  This guy really can Thump on the low end!!!

In this VMP sports either Lindy Fralin, Gibson Mini-Humbucxkers and or Duncan P-Rails or any configuration of these and the Poplar Body ABSOLUTELY makes a difference and really releases all of the inherent potential these pickups have. This BEAST really can thump on the low!!!!

The Bridge is an upgraded Wilkenson Stratocaster with Synchronized Tremolo model and the Machine Heads are a Fine Modern 6 in-line set from Kluson.. The Hardware is all Chrome and the Custom Pick Guard is White Pearloid.

Having access to a CNC machine was a great advantage as it allowed me to try out various sizes and shapes until I got the body Perfect!!! This Guitar is very well Balanced without all the weight.. The Back edge has a Radius for Comfort and sports a Fantastic Blue Black Metallic Finish.. This is a Custom Classic Tone Guitar Finish… It is essentially a Black Guitar, but if you change the angle or let the light Reflect off it correctly… a Blue to Black Color Burst Appears… This is difficult to photograph and I am not in any way a Photographer, but look at the attached photographs and I think you will get the idea… To drive the point home I offset the Blue Black with a Mock Bound Body and Pearl Accents.


Until Next Time.


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JD HELLCAT (Smarmy Devil) Custom Guitar


I mainly focus on Fender type Guitars as I am pretty much a Fender Guy… but I also own and have owned many Set Neck Guitars from Gibson, Epiphone, and Gretsch. Having said that, The Hellcat was born from the idea of making a Classic Les Paul shaped guitar that had the properties of both a Telecaster as well as a Les Paul… I wanted to have it fit comfortably within my Hillbilly Collection, adhering to the Bad-Ass Styling this collection has come to represent.

“You Know, they all have that “Guitar never had a case!…kind of look to it!!! But it was still your Go-To Guitar”

The HELLCAT was born when I met an interesting man named Torian Starnes. He is the Owner/Operator of Monolithic Cycles. Torian is a Great Guy and he is a Custom Bike Builder and a Metal Fabricator. Well, we hit it off as we had so many interests in common and I left that first meeting with my head full of ideas. I returned to Torians Shop a few days later with a rough Mock-up of the guitar I envisioned (see Mock-up in Extra Photos link below). We began immediately fleshing out the guitar verbally and Torian suggested that he could fabricate and finish a Steel Plate for me out of 20 gauge…. I always fondly remember those Great 70’s Keith Richard (The Rolling Stones) and Ron Wood (The Faces and later the Rolling Stones) Metal Plated Guitars. (I had to write that for all of you Younger Players) Well anyway I really loved those Guitars and thought it was a Terrific Idea! He did exactly what he had promised and delivered this Fantastic Custom Plate! (See Attached Images)

I then started with the Les Paul Special / Telecaster Hybrid Body. Then I ordered a Custom Well Fingered Rock Maple Neck with Rosewood Fingerboard and 59 Round back Profile from Warmouth. I had the headstock left as a paddle coming from Warmouth and had Ed Webster finished the Shaping here. Ed also did the Matt-Black on the body and the Clear-Coats on the Steel. Finally, he did the Fantastic “Smarmy Devil” Hand Painted Headstock Art. The Machine Heads are Grovers and the Custom Truss Rod Cover, Classic telecaster Bridge, Rear Control Plate, neck Mounting Plate and Knobs are all Custom Relic’d. The Pickups are a Duncan P-90 in the Neck position and a Duncan Double Rail in the Bridge position. The Controls are Volume (Coil-Split / Push-Pull) and Tone Knobs and a Standard Les Paul 3 position Toggle Switch.

This ONE-OFF Guitar was one 0f the most fun to do and Remains a Personal Favorite of mine.

Finally, this Slightly Distressed, wonderfully Blued and Amber Toned High Sheen Steel Plate, mounted with Brass Round Top Screws as well as the The Flat Black Body, Great Seymour Duncan Pickups, Grover Machine Heads, Custom Truss Rod Cover, Warmouth Custom Made to Order Neck and Hand Painted “Smarmy Devil” Headstock Art make this a Very KOOL, KICK-ASS AXE!!!

Oh-YEAH….just a little addendum:   I liked the JD HELLCAT so much that a second one is planned… it is another one-off design based around a Les Paul Special Double Cutaway.  I have most of the parts, and the and the design is for the most part ready… I do not rush these things as I like it look at the mockup for some time to make sure I like it… As of now it is to be called “Skullduggery” …  So keep an eye out for  the new guitar…

Thank You… Until Next Time,


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JZM Models


This is the natural out-growth of the SRF Series. Different enough to earn itself a separate and New Model name: The JZM is everything you would expect from it’s exceptional beginnings… A Poplar Body with a Stylized Swooped “F” Hole to help with weight and a finely Crafted CNC Body with a more extreme arched top and a unique Central Raised Platform.. It also sports a SUPERB Musikraft Birds-Eye Maple, Medium C Profile with Dark Rosewood Fingerboard and synthetic Bone Nut.

Everything about these Guitars is built for Tone and Sustain!!!

The Hardware and Electronics only push the Guitar further with an All-Brass Mighty Mite Stratocaster Synchronized Tremolo Bridge as well as Extra-Grip Tall Brass Knobs (Split-Coil Push-Pull function on the tone control) and a 5 Position Rotary Switch for tone control. Modern, Gold String-Locking Machine Heads. The Pickups are the Fantastic Seymour Duncan P-Rail Humbucker/Single Coil Pickup in the bridge position and a Lindy Fralin Steel Pole Strat Pickup in the middle position and finally a Wonderful Lindy Fralin Blues Special in the neck position.

WOW! What a Tour de Force!!! All of this adds up to an extremely Versatile instrument!!!

The Finish is a Custom Classic TONE Guitars, Antiqued, Green Satin Burst that is really like no other that I have seen before. I designed the finish a Year before the guitar was built (see image of original Mock-up in the Construction Photos link below) then I set out to convince Scotty Huffman from The Guitar Tone Shop That he was the one guy uniquely qualified to take this series on. Needless to say, he hit it out of the Park.

You know when you play an electric guitar unplugged and it just sounds fantastic … right from the first note!… well this is exactly that!!! And the Electronics and Hardware bolster this inherent Tone and allow it to be audible to everyone! This is a Custom Designed Instrument with tons of features and Tons of Tone. The JZM is the latest the the line of custom electric Guitars from Classic TONE Guitars.

C-ya next time, Joe



This is my latest post.. This sone concentrates on one of my Custom Guitars.. The SRF.  It’s a hard-tail version of my SRF line.  SRF stands for “Surf” … Don’t forget to check out the SRFs in  my Custom Guitars section of this site.. and all the supporting and construction and design images…

This guitar has extreme Vibe and Tone… ENJOY!


SRF Custom Caddy Green w/ Cream Accents

This is the Guitar that really started it all. I had a simple idea of “making a Guitar that had all the modern abilities and still had a vintage feel and styling.” I also wanted to try an Arched Top on a Strat or Tele like body… I have seen others attempt this, but not to this level.

I am Extremely Proud of these Guitars.. they are truly some of the Best Electric Guitars I have played in 3o+ years.

I was lucky enough to meet a man named Tom Scott. Tom is a man you built his own CNC machine! That allowed me to be able to machine a quality body with not too much difficulty. Well, it turns out, like most other things, to be a great deal easier to say than to do… The SRF Model took 3 0r 4 prototypes to finalize. One of the Prototypes led to the two VMP’s and two, with a little more machining, became the JZM Models. Tom, who doesn’t usually deal much with Custom Builds, preferring to concentrate on his own designs, never the less was very helpful in flushing out these Guitars for me and I am very thankful for this.

The SRF sports a unique Arched Top body with a radius edge back that eliminates the need for body contours. This leaves you with one Well-Balanced and Comfortable instrument! It also has a swooped “F” Hole that functions mainly to save weight. As an Architect, I have learned to use every difficulty and its solution as an opportunity to make design choices. This is a perfect example. The Neck is a Custom, Made to Order, Maple with Rosewood Fingerboard, 59 Round back Profile, with synthetic Bone Nut from Musikraft!!! Also Custom Headstock and Badging with Vintage Style Kluson Tuners with Cream Bottons.

The Pickups are a full matched 3x set of Boutique, Lindy Fralin, Hand-Wound, Blues Specials. Simply Put, these are Fantastic Pickups!!! And My Personal Favorite Pickups!.. This set is wound with 42 SPN and has 5% more turns than the Vintage Hot. This makes it a 5% stronger pickup. It will have 5% more mids and 5% less high end. It is ideal for a stock sound with just enough thickness for single note soloing.

It’s something like the best Stock Stratocaster pickups you have ever heard…ONLY BETTER!!!! SUPREB RESPONSE!!! SUPERB SOUND!!! I cannot say Enough about these Pickups!

This guitar is hand wired and sports a Custom Hard Tail (String through the Body) Bridge. The Controls are standard Volme, Tone, Tone with a 5 position Blade Switch. The Switch has a custom switch plate.

Y0u Simply cannot overlook the Custom Finish which was done by Ed Webster. Ed has out done himself on this one. I did a Mockup (See Extra Photos Link Below) and basically told him that I wanted it to be Cadillac Green with Cream Accents and this is what he did.. Exceptional!

Everything about this Guitar is built for Tone !!!

Thank You,


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