Frequently Asked Questions

1) Who is Classic TONE Guitars?  

This Link will take you to the ” ABOUT ” page and will familiarize you with my company.

2) Do you accept Credit Cards?

We accept payments through Paypal as well as Personal Checks/ Money Orders and Cash.  Item will not be shipped until checks or money order has cleared.

3) Do you do layaways?
Yes, we do have a layaway option. We do require a deposit of 20% of the item’s selling price. We will then hold that item for you for a period of 90 days.  In the event of a “failed layaway”, any and all deposits that were paid are non-refundable and they are also not transferable for the purchase of another item. Please inquire if you have specific questions about this policy.

4) How can I order a Classic TONE Guitars item? Can I do it online or directly from Classic TONE Guitars?

Classic TONE Guitars items can be ordered through the site.   I will also sell directly to you if you give me a call on my cell phone at 732-693-0958  or email me through this link “Contact” or from the Contact Tab or email me at: and let me know what you want.

5) Do your Classic TONE Guitar models include left-hand models or 7 string guitars?

OK, you got us on this one. Left-hand models and 7 string guitars are not yet available.

6) Can I Special Order a Guitar for Classic TONE Guitars?

At this Time I am selling what already have, but I have plans to offer a Special Order service in the near future.  Call or Email me and give it a try, maybe you can convince me.

 7) Can I order a Custom Order  SRF / JZM / VMP / Ric or HELLCAT series guitar?

Hmmm, Once again, I have plans to offer a Special Order service in the near future. Call or Email me and give it a try, maybe you can convince me.

8) How long will it take to get my Classic TONE Guitars item delivered?

Delivery times will vary and depending on where you are, I usually ship within 2-3 days of me receiving payment.

9) What is the warranty on a Classic TONE Guitars instrument or item?

Please refer to the Return Policy in the bottom of the page.

10) Can I talk to someone directly at Classic TONE Guitars before making a final decision?

Absolutely, I am available to discuss the Guitars with you, who better to speak with than the person who designed and built them. You can also call me on me and I would be happy to discuss the Guitar, quote a price and help place your order.