Insanity! 2

Thank You!!!  for your interest in Classic TONE Guitars. My name is Joe Dumas and I am the Sole Proprietor of Classic TONE Guitars. These are all my Guitars.  I am not affiliated with any other company. I say this because, In this company I am where the proverbial Buck Stops!  As I said, I own these guitars, in many cases I built or designed them, I took the photos, I wrote the text, Hell, with a little help, I built the site… As I said every one of these guitars were for my own personal use, I upgraded some existing guitars and built more than a few of my own from scratch. I invite to check this site out as it is quite comprehensive and I want you to become part of the party.

As you will see while maneuvering through the site, I have spared no expense with these guitars. As their original intent was for my personal use. I also gathered around me some people who are expert in their fields. They are some very, very talented people and all great guys… all are players too. If I don’t know about something… One of them surely does. As I started to say earlier (before I so rudely interrupted myself). I have been in and around the business in one capacity or another for 30+ years.. and in that time, other than Playing Guitar, Recording and Touring, I have played the role of Husband, Architect, Land Developer, University Lecturer, Product Development Principle, Imaging Consultant, Graphic Designer, Web Site Designer, Architectural Renderer, Illustrator and Land Lord.  I have 2 degrees (Architecture Design and Graphic Design) and worked / lived on two Continents and speak two Languages. So in general there is quite a lot of experience to draw upon. 

I will be posting more information as well as any other Thoughts, Ideas or Commentary I may have that might be of interest as well as videos etc. on the “News” page of this site as we move forward.  If you still have questions or you would like to order one of my Guitars please call my cell at: 732-693-0958 or email me at: joe@classictoneguitars.com or  use this link to the “Contact” page.

This site will also be posted on Facebook so check it out and I sure would like you too “Like” my site as well as tell your friends….

THANK YOU AGAIN from Classic TONE Guitars,


Joe H. Dumas